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Lily creates a genuine relationship in every step of your customer’s journey automagically.


Seamless communication with your team and customers

Lily automagically creates a timeline based on your emails and phone calls. She gives you genuine insight into your potential, new, and existing customers. With Lily, you’ll build better relations.

Never miss a business opportunity again

Lily makes individuals and teams experience flow, simply by facilitating the natural way people work. One team member can fill in for every other member instantly because Lily is radically transparent.

You’ll never ever miss a business opportunity again: Lily will remind you to call or mail any contacts you have.

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Work naturally and logically

Some tasks are boring. Smile: Lily will execute them for you. Automagically.

Examples? When you receive an email from a new account, Lily will find all its data for you. Do you want to add contact information? Lily will populate the field for you. She even offers you a set of standard emails, ready to send.

Lily is furiously fast. You can get more work done – every single week.

Lily has increased our customer happiness and effectiveness, mostly thanks to the communication activity stream.

Jan-Arend Pool - Partner manager at VoIPGRID

Jan-Arend Pool

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