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Used by leading customer focused companies

Over the past year Lily has been thoroughly tested by companies that seriously care about their customers. They all fell in love. Lily helped them outsmart every other player in their industry on customer satisfaction and let them achieve business success.

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Lily has a stack of really powerful email templates that let you handle your email fast and efficient.

On top of that, all email will be accessible for all of your colleagues. So, whenever a customer calls, everybody in the company has access to their case.


What our users and their customer experience most is flow. Whether it’s following up on a lead, or remembering the “I’ll get back to you on that”. Lily is built around the natural flow for customers and the natural way you want to work.


Nobody likes to wait, that’s why Lily is freakingly fast. The combination of a natural workflow, speed and automation makes working with Lily a bliss.

Whether you add an Account, Contact or delete a phone number, everything is done instantly, with a little magic.


People & companies that love Lily

  • CRM usually fails when not everybody in a company is onboard. Lily makes it so easy to adapt, that everybody will love to use it. And even when you don't actively use it, it still gives you valuable insights through historical communication.  
    Mark Vletter
  • Teamwork has never been so easy. Lily enables us to fill in for other team members when they are not at work.
    Luit van Drongelen
  • Lily is fast, fun to use and makes both our Advice and Customer Happiness teams more successful. We have seen our average customer rating go from an 8.4 to a 8.9 and our NPS rise from 47 to more than 70. A third of our new customers now comes from references of existing customers!
    Jorg Vletter
    Chief happy colleagues
  • We started using Lily to share our email inboxes. Because Accounts and Contacts almost added themselves, we decided to manage our customer relations through Lily. Tracking deals was the next step and Lily made our sales process run smoother. Now we combined Lily with Mailchimp to strengthen our marketing efforts. With just a few clicks our email marketing lists are always up to date.  
    Ronald Stokebrook
    Partner Manager

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