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Lily creates a genuine relationship in every step of your customer’s journey automagically.

Email and telephony integration

Shared email and telephone integration

Share a personal or group mailbox and follow up on email communication as a team. Integrate telephony to automatically log your calls. See the customer communication history when you or someone from your team gets a call.

True insights to work together as a team.

Streamline your flow with deals and cases

Make your own and your team’s workflow simple, by facilitating the natural way people work. Create deals or cases and assign them to individual teammates and work together as a team to help customers.

Create insights and support for your potential, new, and existing customers.

Deals and tickets
Contacts activity stream

Keep your contacts up to date

Everytime you or your team interacts with a customer, Lily automatically adds the contact and account information to your contact book. Lily also updates the activity stream so everybody in your team can see what has been communicated.

An automatic and up-to-date overview of customer interactions.

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Lily has increased our customer happiness and effectiveness, mostly thanks to the communication activity stream.

Jan-Arend Pool - Partner manager at VoIPGRID

Jan-Arend Pool

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