Build better relations

Lily helps you gain and keep happy customers.


Nice, tell me more

Built on communication

We wondered: ‘Why is there no customer contact system that’s based on communication?’, and started building it ourselves: say hello to Lily.

Lily automagically creates a timeline based on your e-mails and phone calls. She gives you genuine insight in your potential, new and existing customers.

With Lily, you’ll build better relations.

A team in flow

Lily makes individuals and teams experience flow, simply by facilitating the natural way people work. One team member can fill in for every other member instantly because Lily is radically transparent.

You’ll never ever miss a business opportunity again: Lily will remind you to call or mail any contacts you have.

A bliss to work with

Some tasks are boring. Smile: Lily will execute them for you. Automagically.

Examples? When you receive an email from a new account, Lily will find all its data for you. Do you want to add contact information? Lily will populate the field for you. She even offers you a set of standard e-mails, ready to send.

Lily is furiously fast. You can get more work done -every single week.

Leading customer focused companies love Lily

Companies that seriously care about their customers simply love Lily. With her help, they outsmart every other player in their industry and customer satisfaction is skyrocketing.

Let us show you how.


People & companies that love Lily

Cycling Espresso

“For our company Lily is thé tool that lets us keep overview. Even when a colleague is away for a few days, we can easily keep track of all their assigned customers, partners and deals we need to act upon.”

Jerzy Kasemier - CEO at Cycling Espresso

“Lily has increased our customer happiness and effectiveness, mostly thanks to the communication timeline. When a colleague is absent, you can easily find back what was last discussed by email or phone. This allows each colleague to correctly answer questions, despite the fact that he / she was not the original contact. As a result, we achieved a higher degree of professionalism which was appreciated by our customers.”

Jan-Arend Pool - Partner Manager at VoIPGRID

“Having used quite a few online CRM systems over the past few years, I have especially come to appreciate the no-frills design and speed of Lily which make Lily intuitive and a pleasure to use.”

Sebastiaan van Dorssen - Entrepreneur at Voys SA