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    Lily creates a genuine relationship in every step of your customer’s journey automagically.

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From your website
straight to Lily

Love at first site

Your website is one of the first places where your customer meets you. This is where your product or service comes to life.

A smooth transaction

Lily starts by making the conversion from web to your team silky smooth. She automagically transforms a website form to a new deal (and account and contact), just like your PA would.


Gmail on steroids: co-op email for teams that works

More than 70% of business communication is email

If your website is not the starting point, email is. Create the Account & Contact automagically if it’s not in Lily yet and get insights on the customer history.

Team and personal inboxes

Create a group inbox and share your personal inbox, so your organization will never miss that important email from your customer ever again.

True insights in the customer relation

A timeline that fills itself

No manual input necessary: a timeline is automagically created based on all historic and future emails & telephone communication.

Real insights

If you want to extend a relationship, it’s good to know what you talked about with your customer. Lily gives insights no matter if marketing, sales or customer care is helping your customer.


Advanced call integration

Smart call routing

When a customer calls your company they are automatically connected to the right account manager or case handler.

Insightfull popup

A nifty popup shows you the relevant information for the caller and brings you to an insightful details page.

A winning deal flow

Stunning looking quotes

Write stunning looking personalized Quotes via deep Pandadoc integration.

Deal at the right time

The Deal adds itself to your daily to-do when customers view the quote. Thanks to this, you can contact your prospect at the right time.

Daily Deal 2do

Your daily deal to-do reminds you of the things that are relevant today, just like a PA would.

Signed online

Quotes can even be signed online for a perfect deal flow.

Powerful case management

That keeps customers happy.

Powerful email templates

No more copy and pasting your most used replies or signatures: use templates instead, which make handling email even more personal and efficient.

Frictionless editing

Edit information fast without clicking the edit icon, for quick iterations on a case or any other information in Lily.

Smart widgets

The case widget notifies you when work is due so you to never forget a customer.

Build better relations

Lily helps you gain and keep happy customers.