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All basic personal assistant features for up to 1000 relations. Give your business life more structure and put more love in customer communication.

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A perfect team flow from first contact to happy customer. Make Lily the heart of every customer interaction and strengthen those interactions with third-party integrations; gain and keep more happy customers with your team!

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Email integration
Add you existing gmail-based email to Lily to fill activity streams and collaborate with your team
Instantaneous data supplier
Lily takes information and uses it to fill in an account or contact so not as much manual input is required.
Activity Stream
All interaction between your team and a customer is displayed here, making it easy to see everything that happened so you can figure out what should happen next.
Deals and cases
Keep track of tasks and projects that need to be done for an account.
Two factor authentication
This makes sure the data you store in Lily is secure by asking you to confirm your identity one of three ways.
Email sharing
By sharing your emails within Lily, the whole team can see what communication has happened with a customer and can collaborate to make each customer relationship stronger.
Call integration
When someone calls you, a pop-up with caller information displays not only who is calling, but what open cases or deals you have for them.
Time logging
Keep track of the hours you or anyone on your team works on a deal or case right in Lily.
Unlimited contacts and accounts
Store contact information for companies (accounts) and customers (contacts) you communicate with so anyone from your team can contact them.
Moneybird integration
More than 100.000 companies use Moneybird to manage their finances and Lily keeps the contact and account information with Moneybird synchronized
Easy quotes
Create beautiful quotes with a few clicks and let them be signed digitally through Pandadoc
Lily API
Every component in Lily is API based, so any third-party app can talk to Lily, making integration a breeze for any nerd.
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For our company Lily is the tool that lets us keep overview. Even when a colleague is away for a few days, we can easily keep track of all their assigned customers, partners and deals we need to act upon.

Jerzy Kasemier - CEO at Cycling Espresso

Jerzy Kasemier

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