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All basic personal assistant features for up to 1000 relations. Give your business life more structure and put more <3 in customer communication.

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Make teamwork effortless fun. See who did what for which customer. Get reminders on deals and cases and share inboxes for the ultimate customer experience.

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A perfect team flow from website to happy customer. Make Lily the <3 of every customer interaction and get more happy customers with your team!

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Feature Personal Team Pro
Speed (x50)
Frictionless editing
Keyboard friendly
Super memory
Instant search
2do today
Contacts 1000
Accounts 1000
Gmail integration 2
Quick response
Inbox sharing -
Workload sharing -
Call integration -
Moneybird integration -
Lily API - -
Outbound hooks - -
Easy quote -
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Lily is your PA.

She will automatically populate account & contact information when you add an account or contact. She will autofill the right information when you send an email template. She also will auto select the right fields and next actions that you need to take.

Speed (x50)

Don't wait, just work.

An average CRM page loads in 3,2 seconds. A Lily page has an average load time of less than 50ms. That's more than 50 times faster which saves you loads of time and frustration.

Frictionless editing

Just click to edit.

Want to add a phonenumber to a contact, postpone a Case or edit a Deal name? Just click on the text to edit it. Lily offers fast and easy editing to keep you in the flow.

Keyboard friendly

From auto focus to keyboard shortcuts.

We know power users like to use their keyboards as often as they can. That's why we have included keyboard shortcuts everywhere. You can save your edits just by hitting enter. You can clear a search field and focus on it by simply pressing S. You can save entire forms by hitting ctrl + enter and you can do many more things by simply pressing one or two keys.

Super memory

All your historic communication in one clear timeline.

When you add an account or contact to Lily all historic communication, including that of colleagues will be visible. It will deepen your relationship with your customers and provide you with all the right information when you communicate with them.

Instant search

A real-time smart search engine build in every list and dropdown.

Every list and every large dropdown has a smart search engine built in. It does not just search for names, but also does deeper searching and boosts the relevance of information you’ve added or edited. This allows you to find the right stuff much faster and makes working with Lily into a bliss.

2do today

A smart overview of things that require your attention today and tomorrow.

Lily will remind you of deals and cases that you need to act upon. On your dashboard you will find your 2 do's for today. You can either do them immediately or postpone them, but you'll never forget them ever again.

Gmail integration

(Shareable) Gmail mailboxes integrated right into Lily

Add your personal inbox to Gmail or add a general email address to create a group inbox. After adding the mailbox the historic timelines for contacts and accounts are automagically created. You can add these Contacts and Accounts with just a few clicks. And you can use the powerful email templating engine to handle your email faster and standardize your teams emailing efforts. These are just a few of the superpowers Lily will offer you.

Quick response

Create a wide range of quick responses with the strong email templating engine.

As a company you send a lot of standardized email. From your signature, to the quote email to a top 10 of FAQ's your company gets. You can now use the powerful email templating engine to send standardized and yet personal messages. Never make a typo in a name ever again and send professional emails faster.

Inbox sharing

Share your inbox with colleagues or create group inboxes for teams.

Every inbox can be a group inbox in Lily. Never miss an email from your customers by creating one. Beside group inboxes most of us have personal inboxes aswell. With inbox sharing you can share your inbox with selected colleagues so they can handle emails for you. Never send those nasty and unfriendly 'out of office' things again and don't start your work with 500 new messages after you holiday ever again.

Workload sharing

Take over each other's workload and put your customers at the center of attention.

Never have the "Erica is ill today and I have no clue on what her customers need today" moment ever again. Just select her name in de 2do today widget to see her cases or deals that require action today. You can also use this feature to help each other out when someone is being overwhelmed by work. Thus, Lily allows you to truly work as a team.

Call integration

See who is calling and what they are calling for and make a personal connection using the powerful high quality call integration.

Get a small pop-up, with not only the 'Who is calling' info but also relevant deal or case information. Click on the pop-up to get the full account history. It makes your connections with customers more genuine and personal.

Moneybird integration

More than 100.000 companies use Moneybird to manage their finances.

And Lily keeps the contact and account information with Moneybird synchronized.

Lily API

Lily is build on API's so you can integrate with anything.

Lily is build for integration. Every component in Lily is API based, so any third-party app can talk to Lily, making integration a breeze for any nerd. We especially like Zapier in this integrated world and can't wait to see what you geeks come up with.

Outbound hooks

Talk to third-party API's based on actions in Lily.

Anything can talk to Lily using API's, but Lily is also very chatty herself. Any action you perform in Lily can call an external API so total integration with third-parties are possible.

Easy quote

Create beautiful quotes with a few clicks and let them be signed digitally.

Create quotes with a click in Pandadoc and let your prospects <3 your company (They can sign the quote even faster than you can send it). Send custom emails and let your deals update themselves with Advanced Pandadoc integration.