True insights into customer relations

If you want to extend a relationship, it’s good to know what was talked about with your customer. With team inboxes, Lily gives insights no matter if marketing, sales, or customer care is helping your customer.

True insights

Lily is fast

Lily helps you gain and keep happy customers

Smooth transaction

Lily automagically transforms a website form to a new deal (and creates a completely filled account and contact) just like your PA would.

Co-op email for teams

Create accounts & contacts automagically from email and get insights into the customer history. Never miss that important email from your customer ever again.

An activity stream that fills itself

No manual input necessary: an activity stream is automagically created based on all historic and future emails & telephone communication.

A winning deal flow

that keeps customers happy


  • Stunning looking quotes

    Write stunning looking personalized quotes via deep Pandadoc integration.

  • Deal at the right time

    The Deal adds itself to your daily to-do when customers view the quote. Thanks to this, you can contact your prospect at the right time.

  • Daily deal to-do

    Your daily deal to-do reminds you of the things that are relevant today, just like a PA would.

  • Signed Online

    Quotes can even be signed online for a perfect deal flow.

All the Features

Awesome features help you get the most of your Lily experience. Collaborate with your team by sharing your email inboxes, create beautiful email templates for your whole team to use, log the hours you spend on a deal or case, take advantage of the integrations we have built with 3rd party apps, or even use our API to build your own.


  • Frictionless editing
  • Awesome shortcuts
  • Instant search
  • Two factor authentication


  • Customizable widgets
  • Live updates


  • Quick response
  • Privacy settings
  • Inbox sharing


  • Archivable

Case Management

  • Workload sharing


  • Gmail integration
  • Call integration*
  • Moneybird integration
  • Outbound hooks
  • Easy quote via PandaDoc
  • Open API


  • Auto updates
  • Merging


  • Export

* Call integration is only available when using specific VoIP-suppliers. Please contact us for more information.

Bring customer

communication together

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