Written by Ashley Gottula on September 11, 2017

When it comes to starting a company, a startup has a limited set of questions they have to answer. The first of which being: “Can I build a product which people will use?”. During the process of building Lily, we took our time to answer this question by inviting just 50 companies for an early alpha stage before we started the beta stage which was joined by more than 400 companies. In the meantime, we scaled our team, refined and developed the features of the product, and in doing so, built something loved by companies who put their customers first.

The next phase for Lily

After a company knows that people will use their product and they feel like it has developed into a mature product that can be marketed, it’s good to ask themselves “Would people still love the product if they have to pay for it?”. This is what we are currently asking ourselves, and why we have decided the time has come to introduce our paid plans.

You might wonder why we would charge for Lily when Lily is an open source project that you could host yourself. Although all of Lily is available on GitHub, it takes a lot of dedication, resources, and server space. By charging, we are able to continue hosting and developing Lily for you, leaving you free to use Lily to your heart’s content and maybe even think of ways we can improve Lily. (You can let us know these ideas by sending us feedback through the chat bubble or submitting a pull request!) Charging gives us the freedom to find and work with the best people on the project and spend more time evolving Lily into the best digital PA for your team.

A plan to fit every team’s needs

When we designed our pricing plan, we did it with the idea that different sized companies at different stages of growth would all be using Lily. Entrepreneurs who are starting their business from the ground up and are looking for a way to collect and use their customer communication data might choose to start with the free plan. As they grow as a business, they will outgrow the free plan both by the number of email accounts they want to connect and the number of contacts they have in Lily. At this point, they move to the team or professional plan, depending on which plan suits their needs.

If you are by yourself and are trying out Lily, the free plan will give you a great taste of how everything works. For teams of three or more people, choose the team plan to make sure that everyone can connect their email accounts and have the full Lily experience. If you want to integrate external services like Pandadoc and Moneybird, the professional plan is the way to go.

What happens next?

Starting September 5th, you will see a new billing area in Lily. Here you can choose which plan you want your team to use starting October 1st. If you choose the team or professional plan, you will also be asked to enter your payment information. On October 1st, if no payment information has been entered, your team will automatically be changed to the free plan.

Our next big projects include making email even better so the flow is even more natural. Another example of our future plans is enhancing the Cases system so it can replace a ticketing system while staying people centric. Both features are intended to be available for everybody, from Free to Pro!

If you have any questions about our new paid plans or need help deciding which one is the best for your team, please let us know!

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