Written by Ashley Gottula on January 7, 2019

Happy 2019! Another year has come and gone and a year filled with new possibilities stands in front of us. At Lily, 2018 was filled with a few great milestones. Over the summer we launched our call notification feature, which works with VoIP to show in Lily both when you receive a call and when you place one. We also made it easier to log in to Lily by using your Google or Microsoft account. On a team level, we welcomed a few new team members both on the development side and non-development side of the team. We also started a project that critically examines who is best suited to use Lily, and will answer how we can continue to develop Lily into the best tool for teams.

As for 2019, stay tuned! The year will involve updating and strengthening our current features and adding some new ones. One big project that we have been working on in 2018 and will deploy in 2019 is a complete rewrite of our front end into React. This will bring some UX changes, improve the speed of Lily, and also improve future development speed. We also plan to finish our critical look at Lily and communicate our future plans and direction in the form of a public roadmap. If you want to be a part of our research and have a customer support team within your organization, please let us know!

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