Written by Ashley Gottula on November 8, 2017

Customer relationships are tricky. Each one of your customers is different than the others and each requires a different combination of steps in order to close a deal. Currently you can see each of those steps displayed in the activity stream within Lily. This gives you a step by step recount of the entire process, but what about the amount of time you devote to each customer?

Counting the minutes

Now it’s possible to see how many hours you spend on each step or part of your customer relationship. Once your account admin enables it, this new feature allows you to log the amount of hours you spend on each case or deal. The logged hours will then be displayed in the activity stream.

To add this feature to your activity stream, here are a few steps you (or your account admin) need to follow:

  • Click on profile picture, which can be found in the right upper-hand corner
  • Select Settings
  • Search for the feature called “Time Logging” and enable it

Once you have enabled this, all team members will be able to log time on the specific cases or deals they work on. When someone looks at the activity stream, a widget showing the number of hours logged for a specific case will be shown.

Not sure who your account admin is? It’s the first person from your team who registered to use Lily. if you need help figuring out who exactly this is, send us a message on intercom and we can help!

We hope that this latest addition to Lily gives your customer relationships another boost! Let us know what you think of this feature by chatting with us in Lily, sending us an email, or tweeting at us.

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