Written by Sjoerd Romkes on July 5, 2018

One step further

We have fallen in love with the new inbound call integration and apparently, so have you. That’s why we’ve decided to go one step further: when someone from an unknown company calls you, Lily will try to find data based on that phone number. If the phone number is used by an organization, Lily gives you the name of the company, email address, and other useful information. Once found, you only have to click Save to add it as a new account.

It feels like magic and with the new feature keeping accounts up to date becomes a breeze for your whole team.


In short, there are three ways to experience Lily’s automagic:

  • When using Email, Lily will check the email domain of the person that sent you an email.
  • When adding a company as an Account, you can click the magic wand to see if the given primary website returns useful data.
  • And from now on when someone calls you, Lily will use the phone number to automatically retrieve data.

In the end, it all leads to having an up-to-date overview of every contact moment your team has in an easy way.

How it works

When you’ve got call integration all set up, you’ll get a browser notification for every incoming call. When you click on the notification, it opens the add Account form when it’s a phone number that you haven’t added to Lily yet. While it opens the form, Lily will try to find information in the background automagically.

GIF automatic phone number lookup

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