Written by Ashley Gottula on September 22, 2017

Part of what makes Lily a breeze to work with is the fact that Lily plays well with others – that is Lily has integrations with other apps. One of these integrations is with PandaDoc. While the Lily – PandaDoc integration is nothing new, this latest update has made the connection between Lily and PandaDoc even stronger.

The new and improved link

When something happens to a document in PandaDoc, your deal in Lily is automatically updated. You have the ability to control what information you see in your activity stream by setting up webhooks for the events that you want to have displayed. This way, your deal can move along smoothly allowing you time to focus on other things.

How can I make the magic work?

Firstly, You also need to have a PandaDoc account. Once you have that set up, follow this guide to set up your Lily-PandaDoc integration. Remember, you can choose which events involving the deal you want to see – so set up whatever you think is important for your team!

Step 1: In your PandaDoc platform, enable the Webhooks integration

pandadoc webhooks

Step 2: Within the Lily environment: go to Lily -> Integrations -> PandaDoc -> Set up webhook(s)

Step 3: Set up the webhooks you need based on what you want to see in your activity stream

Step 4: Notes are created in the activity stream when the event is completed.

Try it out for yourself! Let us know what you think or if you run into problems along the way by commenting, emailing us, chatting in Lily, or on Twitter.

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