My journey

April 19, 2017

What’s new lately?

We are continuously developing new functionalities and fixing things that weren’t supposed to be broken. Some bigger functionalities will be featured in a separate blog post. This post is purely a summary of all the changes that may affect you and make your day with Lily even better.

In this blog we’ll write down all the changes we’ve made to make Lily great. Be sure to check out regularly and find out what’s new!

She is finally here! The Personal Assistant for companies who <3 their customers. Lily is her name and you’ll finally be able to meet her on the 18th & 19th of May in Amsterdam.

Lily creates a genuine relationship in every step of your customer’s journey automagically.

  • From the first experience on your website
  • to the Deal that is automagically created
  • to the perfect quote you send which can be signed online
  • to the cases that you handle for your customers which are automagically shown when your company is called.

Never forget a prospect or customer ever again. Let your teams work together to gain and keep happy customers.

Sign up now to get your beta at TNW Conference and search for the Lily shirts on May 18th & 19th.

Join the Beta

Lily is a very open system. Using APIs she can handshake and exchange information with any other system.

To show the power of APIs we built some integrations over the last few weeks. WordPress is the most popular tool to build websites. It’s the default for over 20% of websites around the world. Websites often have contact forms so customers can easily contact an organisation. If you use a CRM system, filling in data from that email into a CRM is redundant work. That’s why we decided to automate it.